Buffalo on the Move

JC8_1528Things are changing for the better, from Larkinville, to the waterfront, to HarborCenter, to the museum district and hopefully people would put the BNMC in the same category. The recent Buffalo News Prospectus highlights how together we are mobilizing a whole city to change its future. We are also seeing  leadership step up and invest wisely in Buffalo, especially Governor Cuomo with actions on his commitment of $1Billion for Buffalo. This momentum is real, and it is our time to make Buffalo an inspiration to the country – and the world.  Again.

The BNMC, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization led by a dynamic team of 15 people helping to create a thriving place to live, work and play. We focus our efforts on things like cultivating an entrepreneurial culture, supporting the local economy and being good environmental stewards. At the BNMC we have developed a self-sustaining social enterprise that combines innovation, job creation, and urban revitalization. The success we have had to date is because of a remarkable network; a collective effort that includes Civic leaders, multinational corporations, local and global non-profits, national, state and local government, thought leaders, global experts, inventors, scientists, clinicians, academics, foundations and private investors.

Currently we have 2 cranes hanging around, with 2 more on the way by the end of the year.  We are very proud of the growth that has taken place over the years on the Campus (an additional 4.5M sq. ft. and 12,000 current employees located on the BNMC, and up to 17,000 by the end of 2016), however, the real opportunity is if we can work together to leverage this development and create benefits for the community at  large. The principles that we have built the Medical Campus on are those of collaboration, mutuality and that innovation is social as well as scientific. We are ready to take the planning and development that has taken place and elevate the conversation and implementation to a level that people on a global scale will want to replicate.

We recently teamed up with a National foundation who is investing in us to grow our capacity and strengthen our economic and social position as we redefine what is known globally as the anchor institution strategy. The approach we have taken has been organic at the core as we have focused and delivered on what was the right thing to do when solving the many challenges as we implement our four neighborhoods, one community master plan.  To make this happen we have a vision that will:

  • Deliver a community engaged academic health center that will deliver the highest quality clinical care, research and education
  • Make the BNMC and surrounding neighborhoods the most sophisticated example of utility infrastructure for the future, by continuing to build on our relationship with industry partners, and ultimately to replicate the model across the city and beyond.
  • Broaden the engagement of youth and the development of future leaders in business, technology, health and society, and to support the systemic change that Say Yes to Education is making in our community.
  • Have more people living in the city of Buffalo by Connecting all income levels to housing opportunities
  • Significantly reduce unemployment in Buffalo by developing better ways to communicate and connect people to opportunities
  • Help more private sector companies mature in and move into Western New York, and to make sure we have the entrepreneurial ecosystem in place to support their growth.
  • Change lives by instigating policy and environmental changes that increase access to healthy food and active living opportunities.

Relationships and partnerships are the real currency for success.  We are going to play our part at the Medical Campus. If we continue to work together and support one another, our great city will be looked at as a model for rust belt cities as we leverage our uniqueness to deliver solid social, economic and sustainable outcomes.  The time is now to mobilize our entire city to change its future.

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