Life in the City

Before I tell you about my recent move into the city, I wanted to share with you that more than half of the BNMC,Inc. team lives in the city. Yes, that’s right more than half – with many walking, biking or taking public transit to work. Increasing the number of Campus employees who live near the Campus is a strong priority for us. Our team has been working very hard on our current housing initiative. Ekua Mends-Aidoo on our team has taken the lead on this initiative and is working closely with BRicK,LLC to help ensure this happens. Read her latest blog post to learn more.

cfiles21085Fifteen years ago when my wife and I moved back to Buffalo from New York City we decided to live in the suburbs.  We made that decision because we wanted a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of urban life.  Our time in the suburbs was enjoyable but it became clear to us that the core of the region was the city, and it was where we needed to be. The influence of the city over our lives in the suburbs was becoming stronger and stronger. Nearly everything we did was related to the city. School, entertainment, socializing, work — they all were almost exclusively rooted in the city.

Summer-BNMC-Banner-copyOn the medical campus we encourage people to move into the city because we believe it is the people that make a community — and the city of Buffalo, in particular — great.  The more people that live within the city limits, the greater opportunity Buffalo will have to best utilize the assets it possesses. In its prime, Buffalo built an infrastructure to accommodate over 500,000 people. Over time the number of people has declined but the infrastructure is still in place. Imagine what could happen if Buffalo once again approached its past population numbers and reinvigorated its tax base. That infrastructure could flourish once again and take its people to new heights.

OlmstedDelawareParkMy family recently moved into the city, and we couldn’t be happier. We ride our bikes through a beautiful Olmstead park on our way to world class art galleries and then later pedal along the breathtaking waterfront. We walk to restaurants that surpass those we’ve encountered in our travels across the country. Our children have made friends from among the numerous kids in our new neighborhood and their peers share stories and culture from all around the globe — from Finland to Liberia to Peru and beyond.  And there’s less I look forward to on a sunny Saturday morning than hitting up the local farmers market just around the way.

Our family has been energized by life in the city. As nice as the suburbs are, there are things that are unique to an urban setting like Buffalo.  It shares some of the assets of a city like New York City but at a fraction of the cost and a multiplication of the charm. As many have remarked Buffalo possesses big city resources but retains its small town feel.

The BNMC is committed to encouraging the growth of the city of Buffalo by encouraging residency within the city limits. We feel strongly that population growth in Buffalo is what will make our city and region prosper as the core drives the region. Many hands make light work is how the famous saying goes; at the BNMC we believe that many new city dwellers will make the revitalization of Buffalo occur.


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